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Aluminum Case ,hexagonal pattern board flight case

2014-12-23 11:15:00

As shown in the picture, one is aluminum flight case and another one is hexagonal pattern board flight case.

The first kind we directly made from very good quality aviationaluminum, the surface is 1mm aluminum board with 9mm plywood. Besides, our factory can make all by aluminum board. This kind of flight case is very light and with good hardness and also elegant, its performance of waterproof and fireproof is better. The second one is made from hexagonal pattern board, this board is with good quality, and you can make the flight case into anycolors. It's more popular.

We use a certain thickness and hardness of aluminum material around the wood case, its tightness is very good. The flight cases we produce are not only waterproof, fireproof and quakeproof,but also easy for transportation.