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Aluminum fencing

2014-12-11 10:16:59

All of audience would like to go front to enjoy the performance of the amusing show. So it is very dangerous to the actor and the work staff. It's difficult to keep order just by man, so we design this fencing to separate the audience from the acting area.

It's made of aluminum ,usually the flapper thickness is 1.5--2mm. The thickness and size can be customizable. With skidproof grain on the footboard and square aluminum tube to support the flapper.To some extent,it's crashproof and steady.

It has obtained the utility model patent right that issued by the State Intellectual Property Office .


separate the audience from the acting area

Product's Technical Parameters:

(1)Material:Aluminum 6082-T6



fashionable appearance,easy assembly and disassembly, sturdy and durable,foldable,transport and storage easily.

Application Area:

It's often usd in the big performance,concert, star meeting and so on.