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【ICTC】2015 《RUNNING MAN! Kim Jong Kook》Concert of Guangzhou

2015-04-18 08:22:15

《RUNNING MAN! Kim Jong Kook》concert of Guangzhou station was held in Guangzhou Gymnasium On April 11th, 2015

After several days's hard word,the stage structure model has been set up by our technicians.

For this cencert:the aluminum truss,layer truss and the stage are all provided by our company. aluminum truss is a screw type

Width: 16.2M,Depth: 9.8M,Height: 14M,Beam: SB760X600,Upright:SB450X450,Suspended ceiling:SB400X600和SB389X389

The stage use TSB-1 steel stage,Size:1M X 2M, Height:0.8-1.2M(Adjustable)

SB760 X 600

SB400 X 600

SB450 X 450

Layer truss 2M/section

TSB-1 Steel Stage