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About ICTC


ICTC (Infinity Case and Truss Co. Ltd) was founded in 2003, which is in the front position of reforming and opening. 
The main products of ICTC  are Aluminum Truss, Flight Case, Moving Stage, Lifting system ,Tent, and so on. With the
reforming & opening policy, as well as the supports and helps from all levels of Party Committees, governments and 

the society, ICTC developed rapidly, and has maintained the annual increasing rate over 30% these years. Today, the

comprehensive Strength of ICTC has reached the Top Five in national equipment industry of China.The marketing net
work of ICTC has extended at home and abroad. The total staff is about 300, the factory now covers over 30000 
square meters and possess the brand of “HUAWEI””ICTC”,  According to the market research result from authority 
organization, ICTC was widely recognized by government and all level of the society as the flagship enterprise which

represents the advanced level of national Equipment industry. In 2008, ICTC stood out among competitors, and won 

the honor to become a supplier of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, which are abundant the period of Olympic Games, 

and to a specify brand of Aluminum Truss and Stage for Traveler who come from all over the world and demos life .